Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yours forever

"I do believe the lord above,
Created you for me to love,
He picked you up from the rest,
Because he knew that i could love you best.
So,if someday i'll die and you will remain here,
I will wait for you on the golden stair,
And if you will not there on the judgment day,
I'll believe that you went other way.
I'll return my golden wings,
My golden heart and my magic sticks,
To prove you my love is true,
I will long to hell only to be with you"

P.s-just a fiction ,based on  the idea where angel falls in love with beast .*beauty and the beast*  :)


shashank said...

nice poetry Sunakshi..
The tale would do good with this nice verse of yours...
Looking to more from you :)

DiDo said...

beautiful... finally ur back :)

chocolate lover said...

hi sunakshi di,
its really beautiful.. loved it :))

Being Pramoda... said...

u touched my heart with ur words sunakshi..well written..

celestialrays said...

awesome ;)

Sunakshi said...

shashank-thanks :)

dido-yeap m back,thanks :)

shri-thanks :)

being pramoda-m honored,thank you so much :)

coeesialrays-thanks :)

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