Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Larger than life

Yes she is a dreamer,
But never she chase any fairytale,

She neither see the white horse coming around,
Nor she imagine herself as princess of her mr. right. 
She admits she is flawed,
She had fallen in pits many a times,
It isn't that she never cried,
There were even times when she surrendered to give a try.
What had happen,had to happen,

Uncertainty looms large over tomorrow even,
None has got strong hold over the time,
What will happen,will happen once in a while.
With enormous believe she moves ahead,
Change is inevitable and the latest trend,

She weave the new dreams,
She paints the canvas of her life with bright colors.
Whenever her life leads the passage to darkness,
She lights up the candle even in the wind being fearless,
Her inner voice keep her going,
When her feet starts  stumbling.





Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Sunakshi,

well composed one of emotions..:) Loved it..

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi girl..this was well written ..really well written

DiDo said...

again a beautiful one sunakshi :)

chocolate lover said...

well composed.. :))
really sweet

sinnlighet said...

Soon, soon I go back to India. I wish I had been born in this great warm embrace!

By the way....yes yes yes your blog is filled up with wonderful inspiring reading.

Here is a footprint from me in Sweden!

Peace & Love


Sunakshi said...

pramoda-thanks :)

sulagna di-thanks ;)

Dido- XD

Shri- ^_^

agneta-thanks for stopping by.hf tc :)

Ravindra Merthi said...

she is realistic
when i came to end of ur poems then always i get the highest charm of ur poems like here the last stanza.

Sunakshi said...

ravindra-thanks :)

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